Humanism is living and thinking without the need of, or recourse to, belief in an afterlife peopled by 'the gods'

A definition of a humanist - 'One who does not need the promise of a heaven nor the threat of a hell to behave decently towards others and lead a good life'.

It is an alternative way of living and thinking that is equally valid and worthy of respect as anything else that human beings believe in.

Humanism means a scientific, humanity-orientated philosophy of life based on rationalism, human experience down the ages, evidential truths and, as Protagoras believed some 2400 years ago, an understanding that 'man is the measure of all things'.

Societies throughout the world have always regarded ceremonies as important in marking auspicious and significant occasions in their lives and those of the community to which they belong. Humanists are not different in this regard! Hitherto such ceremonies of important events in people's lives, and that of the community, have had as a general rule. religious and supernatural connotations. In the 21st Century rational alternatives are available -

On this site you will find an explanation of each relevant humanist, family ceremony.

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